Janette Strong

Janette Strong provides colon hydrotherapy and magnetic resonance stimulation. Call us for an appointment today 905-855-0988 or book online!

About Janette Strong

Janette Strong, R.P.N. is a registered practical nurse trained and experienced in the field of colon hydrotherapy since 1988. Janette has been practicing in the field of colon hydrotherapy since 1988-1991 as a holistic health practitioner, then from 1992-present providing this service as a nurse under her College of Nurses nursing registration. She is a member of the Registered Practical Nurses Association’s specialty interest group - Independent Business. In 2004, Janette worked with and received additional advanced training in colon hydrotherapy from Dee Lewis who at the time was a registered nurse in the extended class working in the specialty field of colon hydrotherapy. In 2005 when Dee relocated to California, Janette took over seeing all clients and continues to run an independent nursing practice providing colon hydrotherapy here at Clarkson Medical Arts Centre in Mississauga.

For additional information you can also visit www.gptcw.ca or contact the practitioner at janette@clarksonmedicalarts.com

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is truly holistic and blatantly simple: For your real long-term health benefits it is imperative that you address all facets of your well-being. Each alternative health therapy session builds on the other sessions, in a synergistic fashion, to provide enhanced therapeutic benefits. And once you experience the journey, you will have the foundations to lasting great health and happiness through a deeply personal connection with your body and heart, a connection, once unleashed, that you can take forward with you wherever you go.

In a private, individual, 1-on-1 environment you can experience your own fast track health retreat program; saving you time, money and energy. We want to make health as convenient as possible. We offer evening and weekend appointments as well as online scheduling. Our goal is to relax and rejuvenate you!

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